What to Expect from Your Hardwood Floors

Wood is a product of nature and is naturally inconsistent. Every board within your floor surface is different which shows the unique nature of every floor, and its enduring warmth and charm. There will be variations of colour, grain pattern and density in each piece of wood. Regardless of the choice made between site finished or factory finished, the end result will not be a furniture grade finish.

Although all efforts are usually made to minimize dust during the finishing process, it must be understood that dust cannot be totally contained. An added concern in unfinished basements is that debris might fall from the ceiling.

what to expect from Wood Floor

Exposure to sunlight and UV rays will gradually bring about subtle changes to the shade of hardwood floor. Some species are more susceptible than others. Area rugs and furniture should be occasionally be relocated to provide a more even exposure to shading, especially where sunlight directly hits the floor.

Damage caused by normal use, including dents, scratches, stains caused by pets are not warranteed by any company. Pets claws are especially damaging.

No hardwood floor is tolerant of high heels.

Traffic areas will show signs of wear first and cause a decrease in the lustre level.

A newly installed floor will squeak and crack at first. This is normal and will gradually go away as the wood settles.

There are two main types of hardwood floor materials: Solid & Engineered Wood. There are pros and cons with each, so it’s important to know the limitations of each.

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