Victoria BC's Hardwood Flooring Specialist

For over 25 years, Woodfellow Flooring has specialized in hardwood flooring including hardwood floor refinishing and designs, installation, repairs, finishing, dustless sanding and eco-friendly finishing in Victoria BC.

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Nathalie, my wife, specialized in installation of all kinds and still loves the challenge of a special design or the reproduction of old parquet flooring. Tamy, the youngest of our two daughters, is also an eager apprentice of the trade.

Our "Eco-Fellow" Pledge


Hardwood flooring is more complex and versatile than ever, and our goal is to provide the right products and applications with the future on our beautiful planet and your family's health at heart. For the past few years, we have tested many ecologically responsible products, mastered new methods and expanded the recycling capabilities of our business in many respect. 

We believe that all the resources to be fully ecologically safe and pro-active are readily available with enough choices to make no compromise for beauty and comfort!

We Restore and Recycle


There are no better ways to reduce waste then restoring old floors whenever it is possible. I am known for doing miracles with floors that other companies gave up on. But besides the obvious, we care for the little things as well.

Plastic containers are rinsed and recycled as well as any cardboard boxes. We use biodegradable garbage bags, and wood waste is brought to the CRD landfill where it is burned for energy.  We do all that we can and are always looking for new technologies or green program of which we can participate.



To help reduce the gasoline consumption of our business, we use a Smart car as much as we can and for home consultations and small supplies shopping. Once the trailer with all the tools has been set in our customer's driveway, we use the Smart to shuttle back and fort whenever possible, until the job is completed.

Tell us about it!

If you hear or see a product or new system that would help improve the eco-friendliness of our business, please send us a line to our email. We would love to hear from you.

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