Dustless Floor Sanding is Woodfellow's standard.  Many houses have hardwood in Victoria, and some are very old and some are newer.  But knowing what we know about toxins, carcinogens and Volatile Organic Compounds, we can no longer be careless about what we do and how we do it.

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Old polyurethane based varnishes or even worst, the aluminum oxide on pre-finished flooring will release the bad guys when sanded, without mentioning the wood dust, unless they are contained with a powerful system that will collect it for proper disposal.

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Our big sander, a Galaxy 2000+ already has a powerful integrated vacuum, but all the other sanding tools, like edger, buffer, palm sander and such do not, and that's when the Dustless system comes in. 

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The Galaxy Dust Containment System, GV3, has been designed to help reduce the amount of dust while providing an easy to use piece of equipment that will not get in our way on the job.


The GV3 is incredibly powerful with it's three high powered vacuum motors, for unsurpassed suction and airflow. The 400 CFM of air flow blows all the competition away. The ultra-fine filter media traps dust as fine as 5 microns. It has a 3” exhaust with hose that pulls the toxic fumes and particles that cannot be contained outside and collects over 95% of the dust. 

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Our customers are always pleased to find their house so clean after we're done. More so if they had a previous experience with the regular sanding equipment.  With the GV3 dust containment system, our team and home owners can breathe a little easier.

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