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Methods of hardwood flooring installation are available for concrete, radiant heat, or standard plywood and OSB.

Installation may be done by less experimented labor and it may turn out alright, but it is more complicated then it may seem at first glance.  As professionals, we have the tools, experience and fitness level necessary to realize your project in a timely matter.    

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For Condos, even if we do have more choices, we like things simple with a pre-glued soundproofing from Polystick, on which we can glue down either solid or engineered.

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Dress it Up!

To dress up those floors, and for a nice finishing touch we provide Flush Vents to match any floor.  Also, we can supply or make custom thresholds.



Stair treads, risers and stringer can be made out of pre-finished or un-finished materials, with matching 1/4” veneers for risers and stringers.

Straight, curving, spiral or rounded end stairs, Woodfellow Flooring will custom fit any size or shapes.dum.

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