Hardwood Floor Sanding

Hardwood floors are beautiful and warm and appear timeless. They do, however, need to be refinished from time to time. Constant use and wear and tear will eventually start to break down the finish.

Finish will eventually become slightly less shiny and if left for too long, will result in damaging the bare wood below the finish. The finish will eventually get too thin and will break down, especially in high traffic areas such as in entrances, halls, and kitchen areas. After this occurs and the finish is broken, the floor must be refinished in its entirety which would involve a “hard” sanding to bare wood and then recoat.

Once your floors start to lose their lustre, or wear down to the bare wood, you should call a specialist who will assess your floor surface to determine if its possible to light sand and recoat instead of a hard sanding, which would mean going all the way through to the bare wood. The finish must be lightly sanded to create ideal conditions for the new coating to adhere to the existing finish.

Rather than resanding and refinishing bare wood, choosing to have work done at this stage, will result in lower cost, less inconvenience and even same day results.

The process of a light sanding and recoat consists of light hand sanding against the baseboards and screening the entire general surface. The floor would then be vacuumed and if there are larger gaps in between floor boards, they could then be spot-filled, before recoating. In the process of a light sanding and refinishing, usually only one coat of high traffic finish is required.

The recoat is usually just as good as the original finish. But, in a few certain cases, there is a slight chances of cleaning products contaminating the base finish. Cleaning products often contain solvents and oils that create off gassing and might not adhere with the new coating. Always make sure you maintain your floors, cleaning them with the manufacturer's recommended products, which are meant for new water based coatings.

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