Hardwood Floors Victoria BC

With over 25 years of experience installing, refinishing, and sanding, Woodfellow Flooring is Victoria BC's premiere hardwood flooring specialist. Our eco-friendly pledge sets us apart from our competition, as we take a sustainable approach to how we source our materials and the products we use.

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Hardwood Flooring Victoria BC

Onsite-finished Oak stained Provincial

Pre-finished hardwood floor refinishing

Pre-finished Brazilian Cherry

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Onsite-finished Floors          

Onsite finished hardwood flooring is traditionally the best way to go. Maybe it’s a question of taste or preference, or maybe it’s for the flexibility of design and tailored color. And when comes the time to re-finish the floors, it's more economical and more wood is preserved than when having to sand down pre-finished floors.   We can easily source and supply hardwood flooring from 1 1/2” to 8” wide, and depending on availability and taste, reclaimed and recycled flooring as well.

Pre-finished Floors                 

Pre-finished hardwood manufacturers, species, finishes and methods of installations are numerous and the more you visit stores and showrooms, the more it becomes confusing.  We offer home consultation to help choose and find the right flooring between the many retailers on or off Vancouver Island, giving you the power of an un-biased and experienced opinion.  We no longer supply directly but if you’re looking for something specific we can direct you to the right supplier since we know them all and have build a relationship with most over the years.

Is Hardwood flooring ecologically sustainable? 

Real solid hardwood flooring at first glance may not seem like the most ecologically sound product, because we’ve been told that cutting trees isn’t good, or is it?

Did you know that young growing trees absorb the most “carbon monoxide” and that dying and rotting trees releases carbon monoxide back into the atmosphere as they decompose? I didn't know, not until I read the BC Sustainable Forest Management website.

Using native species from FSC-certified forests or BC Sustainable Forest Management, reclaimed or recycled woods, milled by local and responsible manufactures who also manage their waste properly, and then finished onsite with water based environmentally friendly finishes is the best choice of flooring yet available.

Products should be evaluated for their own merits. While studying options I noticed that there are different shades of green, and depending on the individual project and budget, compromises sometimes must be made.

In any case, we make sure to look for one of these logos belonging to third party certification associations. Click on the logos to learn more about certification.


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